The Mercenary Registration for AQC’17 technically won’t be closed until the opening ceremony on 22nd July, however, for the best preparation of teams and mercenaries themselves, it’s time to get everyone a team.

As both the number and gender requirements were not met for the registered mercenaries solely, they will be randomly drawn into registered teams. Based on the number of players on team rosters, 7 for ANU Owls, 12 for Damansara Dementors and Seoul Puffskeins each, 14 for Flame Owls and 19 for Hanoi Draco Dormiens, respectively, therefore the number of mercenaries to be allocated to teams will be 3 for ANU Owls, 1 for Damansara Dementors, Seoul Puffskeins and Flame Owls each.

The draw was livestreamed (unsupposedly) on page Hanoi Draco Dormiens, and the results were:

ANU Owls: Matthew Wood (UK), Keith Jones (UK), and Kwun Shing Lau (Hong Kong)

Damansara Dementors: Patrick Gonzaga (Philippines)
Seoul Puffskeins: Wadji Hairul (Brunei)
Flame Owls: Felix Linsmeier (Germany)

Host teams and mercenary players would immediately be in contact for their best company, while supports are always given at [email protected] or the Facebook Pages of VQA or AQC.