Quidditch was imported in Vietnam by the leaders of Hogwarts Vietnam, the largest Harry Potter community of the country.

In December 2014, the first quidditch team in Vietnam was founded in Sai Gon by some key members of Hogwarts Vietnam. The team name, GiantsQuid, is a word play on Giant Squid, an unofficial favourite icon of Hogwarts Vietnam, and Giants Quidditch. After almost a year up and running, the team gradually fell into hiatus due to personal issues of the Captain as well as of most members, and has not been re-activated by then. Currently, there is no known quidditch team active in Sai Gon. Interested Saigoneses that wish to either form a new team or reunite GiantsQuid can refer to this page or contact the VQA directly via [email protected] for support.

The first quidditch team in Hanoi was founded on 14 June 2015 as Draco Dormiens (Latin for “Sleeping Dragon”, also known as Hanoi Draco Dormiens, or HDD). For the past two years, the team has maintained a regular training schedule and been ceaselessly growing with new members. On 16 April 2017 Flame Owls, the second team, was formed and conducted their first training, and kept a close relation to HDD. Each team currently has more or less 20 active members on their list, mainly students and high schoolers, beside a small proportion of graduates. Information of quidditch teams in Vietnam will be updated frequently on this page.

Quidditch in Vietnam has been widely broadcast on cultural and sport programmes on national radio and television channels such as VTV1 (Good Morning), VTV4 (Vietnamese channel broadcasted globally), VTV6 (channel for youth), HTV (Hanoi TV) and other newspapers. Archives of these programmes can be found on the Youtube Channel of VQA. Thanks to these programmes, number of people who are interested in quidditch has been gradually increased.

At the moment the main objectives of the sport is to improve health, to open a channel for the Vietnamese youth to communicate with the world, as well as to increase their creativity and open-mindedness since the core of the sport is gender inclusivity. A quidditch team therefore should maintain more than one gender in their on-pitch squad at a moment to encourage the participation of everyone regardless of their genders.

Those who are interested or find potential in forming a new team anywhere in Vietnam may seek support from VQA on this page or via the email address [email protected]. New teams can also register for recognition to VQA via this page.

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