Asian-Pacific Quadball Cup (APQC) is a club level quadball competition with the participation of clubs in the region of Asia and Oceania. The competition held this year in Hanoi, Vietnam is the fourth time since 2016, and marks the return of the sport at international level after two year hiatus due to the global pandemic COVID-19.

In the previous tournaments, Australian were the champions with different representatives – ANU Owls in 2016 (Kuala Lumpur), 2017 (Hanoi) and Sydney City Serpents in 2019 (Seoul). Although the world champions kept winning the trophy, it was undeniable that the way they won was more and more challenging as teams from other countries improved rapidly. Since World Cup 2018 – with four Asian representatives, quadball has grown expansively in the Pacific-Asia region with the most dynamic activities were reported in Japan and Vietnam. However, all sports activities were hindered during the pandemic and it is just re-introduced to the public recently, and still be heavily impacted by international travelling restrictions. In such circumstance, Vietnam is delighted to re-start the tradition by hosting this year’s tournament, and we expect to see players from Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Laos and Vietnam competing for the championship.

100+ Players

7+ Teams

8+ Countries

This year’s tournament offers free entrance to all spectators to explore the excitement and intensity of quadball. Organised by experienced quadball players and hosts, APQC 2022 is the most anticipated event of the year, with improved features including well trimmed natural grass fields and pitch accommodation for teams. The tournament takes place on 17 and 18 December, 2022 in Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.


17 – 18

Tournament starting in








ACB pitch




The Venue is ACB Sports Complex, or Hoa Phat Football Club Center, located on Tan My Street, Cau Dien Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi. Being the home to a former professional football team, the venue lies within national sports area, close to the national stadium, water sports arena and athletic complex.

The location is familiar with a part of quadball community, being the host to AQC 2017. The complex is also a regular host to other international sports events, such as football and ultimate, and being the training pitch for professional football teams.

  • Double-pitch natural grass field
  • Tents for teams
  • Toilets
  • Car park

- Stay by the pitch: residential area in the north/east direction within 1km - offers hotels, restaurants, convenient stores

- Stay in central Hanoi: 12km distance, can be approached by public transports, mobile apps, and self-driving (see below)

Plenty of hotels and convenient stores are available within 1km distance to the north/west direction.

How to get there

By mobile app (Grab, Be, Gojek, local taxi apps)

Try to locate the destination by keyword "bornga tan my" - the venue is just next to it, called "Sân bóng ABC" on Google Maps.

By public transports

You can catch the bus number 26, 49, 56A, 97 and walk around 10 minutes to the pitch.

By driving/walking

Search for "Hoa Phat Football Club Center" on Google Maps, or click on the embeded map right here to look for direction.

Note: The pitch can be found on Google Maps by searching for either "Hoa Phat Football Club Center" or "Sân bóng ABC".

For Teams

20 October

Team Registration Open

01 November

Team Registration Early Bird Ended

20 November

Team Registration Closed

27 November

Tentative Roster Submitted

12 December

Final Roster Submitted

For Mercenaries

28 October

Mercenary Registration Open

28 October

Mercenary Registration Early Bird Ended

11 December

Mercenary Registration Closed

12 December

Mercenary Draw Result


There are 6 tents to be provided at the site, and they are reserved as below:

  • 1 tent for Hanoi Draco Dormiens players;
  • 1 tent for Saigon Dragonflies Quidditch players;
  • 1 tent for Sunrise Poseidons players;
  • 1 tent for Kaminari Monsters and The Wasp Phoenix Assemble players;
  • 1 tent for Seoul Puffskeins and KATAYABURI players; and
  • 1 tent for organisers including the technical team and officials.

APQC 2022 is a catered event, and food and drinks will be provided by an external F&B partner. Teams may pre-order for lunch on Saturday and Sunday to the organisers (with minor discount), or buy directly at the food stand during the tournament period. Each team will be provided for free of charge a box of water (or ionated drinks) at the beginning of the tournament.

Food menu includes:

  • Banh mi (with stuffings as you wish) - 30k
  • Fried rice with beed & veggie - 45k
  • Soy milk/bottled water: 10k
  • Electrolyte water: 12k
As Players
  • Player headbands
  • Player kit
  • Boots for playing in (with studs for natural grass - FG/AG studs)
  • Trainers to change into
  • (optional) Mouthguard
  • (optional) Goggles if you play with glasses
  • (optional) Sports braces, guards or supports
  • (optional) Extra pairs of socks
  • (optional) Hair ties
  • (optional) Team balls to practice with
As Referees/Snitch Runners
  • Referee and/or Snitch Runner outfit (otherwise provided by organisers)
  • Referee packet (whistle, penalty cards, coins) (otherwise provided by organisers)
  • (optional) A copy of the Rulebook
As Spectators/Others
  • Overnight stuff
  • Chargers for electronic equipment
  • Change of clothes
  • Money - bring cash for merchandise and food
  • (optional) Sleeping bag if needed
  • (optional) Toiletries
  • (optional) Sunscreen/cream
  • (optional) Umbrella
  • (optional) Waterproof clothing
  • (optional) Binliners to protect items from rain
  • (optional) Hand sanitiser
  • (optional) Medical supplies including painkillers and plasters
  • (optional) Camera
On the Date
  • Food & Drink - Water bottle (filled)
    - Energy food to recover fast - cereal bars, fruit and sweets
  • Copy of the main schedule and referee schedule
  • Copy of player guide and accommodation information
  • (optional) Lunch if you don’t intend to leave the pitch



The final rosters of all 7 participating teams can be found below.

Hanoi Draco Dormiens
0 Lê Thế Vũ M
2 Vũ Phúc Hải M
5 Vũ Hoàng Mỹ Linh F
10 Nguyễn Tuấn Linh M
12 Vũ Trí Cường M
13 Ngô Thanh Vân F
14 Phạm Quốc Khánh M
15 Vũ Bình Giang (C) M
16 Nguyễn Ngân Giang F
22 Vũ Thị Hồng Loan F
23 Nguyễn Tiến Hiệp M
27 Nguyễn Phương Nam M
37 Nguyễn Duy Nghĩa M
44 Lê Hương Hải F
45 Vũ Mạnh Linh M
55 Lê Minh Dũng M
74 Phạm Thanh Tùng M
77 Trần Nhật Anh M
83 Trần Nguyệt Anh F
86 Nguyễn Hoàng Đạt M
94 Nguyễn Chính Phương F
Saigon Dragonflies Quidditch
1 Lê Huỳnh Minh Tuân M
2 Trần Minh Luân M
4 Nguyễn Quang Nghĩa M
5 Bùi Nguyên Khang M
6 Đinh Quốc Anh M
8 Trương Thị Kim Anh F
10 Nguyễn Phúc Đạt M
11 Đỗ Hồng Sơn M
13 Huỳnh Trần Mai Thy F
16 Trần Thủy Nga F
24 Nguyễn Hoàng Long M
26 Nguyễn Huỳnh Hữu Đức M
28 Trần Minh Quân M
30 Tôn Nữ Minh Hiền F
33 Nguyễn Lâm Bảo Hòa M
41 Bùi Quang Huy M
55 Lê Ngọc Minh Trân (C) F
88 Phạm Thu Hiền F
91 Lý Tú Thanh F
93 Đinh Đăng Đức M
99 Lê Trần Hoàng Duy M
The Wasp Phoenix Assemble
0 Nguyễn Đức Bảo M
1 Lê Huy Công M
6 Nguyễn Thị Như Quỳnh F
7 Ivy (C) F
8 Trịnh Ngọc Cường M
9 Nguyễn Thị Thuỳ Dung F
10 Nguyễn Công Thành M
11 Hồ Sỹ Hùng NB
15 Đặng Quang Vinh NB
16 Nguyễn Mạnh Cường M
18 Nguyễn Tuấn Nam M
20 Phan Thuận M
25 Hồ Nghị Lực M
33 Alan Phan M
35 Phàn Chẳn M
55 Nguyễn Đức Chương Minh M
Kaminari Monsters
0 Veronica Lowe F
8 Cao Thế Vũ M
9 Agathe Bastide F
10 Camila Guadalupe Cortea (C) NB
11 Patrycja Szklarz F
13 Francois Kriek M
48 Khánh Bánh Chưng M
57 Michael Rodriguez M
73 Maryś Helak F
77 Trần Văn Đăng Khoa NB
88 Dominik Czapla NB
4 Tanvi PATIL F
9 Makoto TANABE M
19 Kotaro SUGIMOTO M
35 Naoki UESAKA M
39 Hitomi NARIZUKA F
48 Taiki IDE M
82 Akari OTSUKA F
89 Massard Lauren F
Sunrise Poseidons
1 Tyler Jewell M
3 Makoto Levine M
4 Moeka Tomizawa F
6 Shunsuke Oda M
7 Risa Honda F
9 Hayate Irie M
10 Shota Aikawa M
11 Yuichi Kobayashi M
12 Ryunosuke Aoki M
13 Keitaro Mizoguchi M
14 Taiyo Takahashi M
15 Yoshinao Higuchi M
18 Kohei Koyama (C) M
20 Taiki Ishida M
21 Rena Matsuo F
22 Kana Watanabe F
29 Kento Naito M
30 Minami Hirokawa F
42 Atsuki Takahashi M
61 Amaki Tsukazaki M
Seoul Puffskeins
5 Youjin Cho F
6 Li Hiu Ching F
7 Rene Schneider M
8 Tami F
11 Gijun Yoo (C) M
13 Sangkyu Kil M
17 Minkyoung Kwon F
21 Au Ying Yau M
22 Jieun Park F
23 Yejin Lee F
26 Lau Kwun Shing M
27 Yen Pham F
33 Jeongwon Lee M

Register your participation to the tournament by filling out this form. The mercenary player fee is $20 per player. After 05 November, the fee will be $30 per player.

You can’t bring your team to the tournament? Can’t find a team to join? Want some fun during your vacation? Register now because quadball is back! Link

Go Mercenary

The tournament organisers are calling for volunteers in many positions. We appreciate everyone with or without experience with quadball, as long as you’re an active person. Food and drinks on the date will be provided for event runners, and you’re welcome to the post-tournament social between all of the players.

The registration link is right here, please have a look.

Go Volunteer


& Fixtures

Game Rules

The tournament will use IQA Rulebook 2020 as the basis for all refereeing activities. The IQA Rulebook 2022 will not be used as it was released too recent and there has not been enough time for teams to adapt.

Time Cap

Every game on Day 1 will apply a time cap of 50 minutes (including stoppage time). If the two teams are tied after 50 minutes, the match will be counted as a draw.

The time cap will be extended if there is a non-gameplay stoppage such as for equipment or officials reasons. In such cases, the extension of time will be based on the actual situation on a case-by-case basis and will be decided by the Tournament Director.

The same time cap rule applies for consolation matches on Day 2.

On Day 2, semi-final matches under the single elimination bracket will apply a time cap of 50 minutes plus one goal/snitch catch. That means if the two teams are tied after 50 minutes (including stoppages), the game continues until either team gains any more points afterwards (by either scoring a goal or making a good snitch catch) and wins the game immediately.

The Final match has no time cap.

Day 1 Format

As there are seven teams, and no seeding is feasible due to lack of recent international quadball events in the region, the group stage on Day 1 will use blind draw to create a shortened round robin. While a full round robin will see each team playing six matches against all opponents once each, a shortened round robin will give each team equally four matches, with no repetitive opponent.

The game can be illustrated as below, with each line portrays a match between the two teams at the two ends. 

The blind draw was taken place on 4 December 2022. The result was published as above.

In total fourteen matches of the Group Stage will be played on Day 1 (Saturday 17 December 2022).

Day 1 Ranking Mechanism


All 7 teams will earn points based on their match results, specifically as below:

Result Points given
Lose out-of-SWIM 0
Lose in-SWIM 1
Draw 2
Win in-SWIM 3
Win out-of-SWIM 4

SWIM is shortened for Snitch-When-It-Matters, i.e. the situation where the quaffle difference between the two matching teams is not greater than 30.

Out-of-SWIM: the quaffle difference is 40 or above

In-SWIM: the quaffle difference is 30 or below


When 2 or more teams' points are tied, the ranking of these teams will be based on the below indicators (if applicable) and in this exact order of priority:

1. Head-to-head result among the tied teams;

2. Number of snitch catches in SWIM in the matches among the tied teams;

3. Quaffle point difference in the matches among the tied teams;

4. Total number of snitch catches in-SWIM;

5. Total quaffle point difference;

6. Fair-play indicators (number of cards) ; and

7. Coin toss.

Note: This ranking mechanism will also apply to the final ranking of the bottom three on Day 2.

Day 2 Format

The top 4 teams according to Day 1 Ranking will play in the upper bracket, in single elimination format. The upper bracket results will rank teams from the 1st to 4th of the tournament.

The bottom 3 teams according to Day 1 Ranking will play in the consolation bracket, in round robin format. The consolation bracket results will rank teams from the 5th to 7th of the tournament.

Individual Honours

Individuals with outstanding performance during the whole tournament will be praised with specific awards as below:

- Top Goalscorer (AMAB/AFAB)

- Best Quaffle Player (AMAB/AFAB)

- Best Beater (AMAB/AFAB)

- Best Seeker

- Most Valuable Player

- Best VII

All the votes are counted by team captains. Each captain vote has equal value.

Day 1
Time Pitch 1 Pitch 2
7:45 AM

Seoul Puffskeins

Sunrise Poseidons

Kaminari Monsters

Hanoi Draco Dormiens

9:00 AM

Kaminari Monsters

The Wasp Phoenix Assemble


Seoul Puffskeins

10:15 AM

Hanoi Draco Dormiens


Saigon Dragonflies Quidditch

Sunrise Poseidons

11:30 AM

Saigon Dragonflies Quidditch

Seoul Puffskeins

The Wasp Phoenix Assemble

Hanoi Draco Dormiens

12:25 PM Lunch Break Lunch Break
1:45 PM

The Wasp Phoenix Assemble


Kaminari Monsters

Seoul Puffskeins

3:00 PM

Kaminari Monsters

Sunrise Poseidons


Saigon Dragonfies Quidditch

4:15 PM

Hanoi Draco Dormiens

Saigon Dragonflies Quidditch

The Wasp Phoenix Assemble

Sunrise Poseidons

Day 2
Time Pitch 1 Pitch 2
7:45 AM 1st v 4th 5th v 7th
9:00 AM 2nd v 3rd 7th v 6th
10:15 AM 5th v 6th Third place
11:30 AM Final  



Professional livestream for Pitch One is to be provided through out the entire tournament. Stay tuned!


The logo of AQPC this year resembles a softshell turtle, a rare species of aquatic turtle, living for hundreds of years in the Hoan Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. Stories of Hoan Kiem Lake told that in the fifteenth century, Le Loi, who later became an emperor of Vietnam and the founder of Le Dynasty, was struggling in the fight against Minh Dynasty from the North. During a trip on the lake, the Golden Turtle God – under the appearance of the recent softshell turtle – brought him a sacred sword, which led him to the final victories and helped the establishment of Le Dynasty. Until today, there is a temple next to the lake – Ngoc Son Temple – open to the public to remember the help of the Turtle God. Inside the temple, visitors can also pay a visit to a turtle’s body, which is preserved from 1967. At the center of the lake, a small oriental tower, publicly called Turtle Tower, was erected in the 19th century then became a symbolic feature of Hanoi.

The logo features the turtle with its shell patterns resemble three hoops of the quadball sport underneath the Turtle Tower. Many said that the logo well reflected the culture of Hanoi with a meaningful story behind it, and also implicitly refers to the wish for a long-living sport of quadball.

The logo was designed by ShinDz, the talented designer behind most artworks by VQA, from the organisation of AQC’2017 to Team Vietnam’s fundraising campaign for IQA World Cup 2019.

The use of this logo and any recognisable element of it outside the quadball community and/or for any other purpose rather than promoting APQC’2022 is strictly prohibited.


& Merch


For pick-up at venue only


  • Official bludgers of the tournament
  • Featured APQC2022 logo and names of all participating teams
  • Standard size (8.5") and weight (420gr)
  • Best quality ever with bounciness and excellent grip
  • Very limited quantity and most prioritised for donors

How to get


(*) Pre-order is for pick-up at venue only, and subject to remaining stock after donation period closure



For pick-up at venue only


  • Official merchandise of the tournament
  • Featured APQC2022 logo and names of all participating teams
  • Premium fabric, 100% cotton
  • Guaranteed best printing quality
  • Only available for orders placed by 12 December

How to get

Size Chart


Width (cm) Length (cm) Suggested height (m) Suggested weight (kg)


45 64 1.45 – 1.55 42 – 48
M 51 68 1.60 – 1.68

55 – 65


54 70 1.66 – 1.74

65 – 75

XL 60 74 1.78 – 1.85

75 – 85


to us

For us, every penny counts

Vietnam Quidditch Association is a non-profit organisation run on a shoestring budget, mainly contributed by the members. During the past 2 years, crises brought on by the long COVID-19 period made us witness the departure of many veteran players. With the majority of remaining members being students or fresh graduates, we face severe financial hardships in maintaining the sport and organizing professional events.

Our dream is to nurture passion, promote inclusivity, and make Quadball accessible for everyone. On this special occasion, we aim to market the sport through out not only Vietnam but many emerging areas around the continent with professional livestream and other media outlets. However, this dream would never be possible without the support of our fellow communities. Thus, we kindly ask for the generosity of the worldwide Quadball’s alumni, active members, and other donors. Even a small donation goes a long way in helping young enthusiasts to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of this unique sport.

We value our donors and take great care to show our gratitude. During the AQC2022 campaign, we offer exclusive AQC2022 merchandise as appreciation tokens for every contribution from $10. Please see more details below.

What You Will Get in Return

We are thankful for any amount you would donate, and would love to show our gratitude to generous donors.

  • Every donor that gives us from $5 and above will be featured on our website and social media platforms.
  • Every donor that gives us from $10 will get a special thank-you postcard sent to their address.
  • Every donor that gives us from $50 will get either a bludger or a t-shirt of our official APQC2022 merchandise shipped to their address.
  • And every donor that gives us from $90 will get all special gifts that we have prepared for your generosity.

Summary of our donors’ packages is as below:

From $5 $10 $50 $90
Bludger Either
T-shirt Or


Donate here

To make a donation, please fill in the form below, answer the math captcha question, and click Donate to send the details and get redirected to our Paypal Me. We currently accept donations via Paypal only.

If you make a donation of $10 or above, please fill in your shipping address to receive our thank-you postcard. If your donation is entitled to a T-shirt gift ($50 and above) and you choose it, please select the color and size of your preference (refer to the size chart in the T-shirt info section up here). AQC2022 official bludger is automatically included in the gifts for any donation of $90 and above.

Our Precious Donors
We would like to send our gratitude to the following donors:

  • Hiep Nguyen from Vietnam, donated on 2 December
  • Toby March from USA, donated on 5 December
  • Vidisha Jha from USA, donated on 5 December
  • Tyler Jewell from USA, donated on 9 December
  • Atsuki Takahashi from Japan, donated on 11 December
  • Michael Rodriguez from USA, donated on 15 December
  • Tom Le from Vietnam, donated on 16 December
  • Olly Nguyen from USA, donated on 16 December

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