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Vietnam Quidditch Association is a purely non-profit organisation. Our personnel is working voluntarily for a great cause — expansion of the sport that we are all keen on. Passion is what we have.

If you also want to join the spirit, we would highly appreciate your support. You can either show your great great love by


We accept international donation in USD via Paypal (or available credit cards). Just simply hit this button below, follow the instruction, and we will be grateful for all our lives.

If you have a bank account in Vietnam and would like to make a bank transfer in Vietnam Dong instead, you are more than welcome indeed. Our bank account is as follows:

Account Name: NGO THANH VAN
Account Number: 19031390511012

Once your have made the payment, please kindly help us on transparency by filling in this form.


We are looking for volunteers to fill in a wide range of vacancies. All we ask for is, again, your passion for quidditch; and we would prefer that you are at least 18 years old. For some particular jobs, you can also work online and thus would not need to be based around the teams.

Please have a look at this Volunteer Application Form and fill in when you are ready! We will be wholeheartedly grateful and get back to you very soon if appropriate.

or just helping us spread the message

If you are not yet ready to either donate or volunteer for us, we would still love you, especially if you can help us share this page. A Facebook share on your timeline is just one click away, and it would be even nicer if you can write something clear and inspirational when you share.

Lastly, we thank you for your visit this time, and obviously look forward to seeing you in a nearby quidditch event.