Accommodation for Your Stay during AQC’17

Hanoi is a popular destination to both travellers and tourists, therefore accommodation could be easily booked on regular booking websites. However, this is only true to the very heart of the city – the Old Quarter (tourism and cultural centre). Accommodation in other districts are widely available with various quality and prices, but not on those websites. To help resolving the issue and saving some bucks for our devoted quidkids, the TDC decided to perform as a tourism agency for accommodation booking when it comes to those (outskirt) accommodation. Please fill in this Accommodation Form to book your stay with us.

Otherwise, you can have a look below for a general guide in accommodation in Hanoi. For further inquiries, please drop a message to [email protected]

In Central Hanoi

Accommodations from hostels with bunk beds to 4-star hotels are widely available on popular booking websites such as, expedia, agoda or airbnb. Please read carefully the reviews if you are intending to book a room or a bed there, as sometimes the pictures were taken when rooms were brand new. Price ranges from VND 120,000 pppd ($5.5) to VND 250,000 ($12) for a place in a mixed-gender dorm room (hostels in small alleys), while it might take you up to VND 2 million ($90) for a deluxe en suite double room in a hotel.

Couchsurfing is relatively popular in Vietnam, and the hosts are generally friendly and open. Also please carefully read verified references if you are planning to make new friends via the website.

The main advantage of staying in central Hanoi is that you will be guaranteed a busy life with plenty of pubs, bars and street food around your place. People may sit drinking beer right in front of a hostel if you’re in the right place, or just at a very close by corner. Curfew hour of the city is 2.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. (it was extended from 12.00 a.m. a few months ago). However, you need to prepare and take a bus or taxi quite much earlier on the date to get to the pitch, which is about 8-10km to the South, and also back in the evening.

Near the Pitch

Orchid Hotel

Orchids Hotel is closest (100m) to the pitch and probably provides the best service in the area. They are used to accommodate athletes competing at the Thanh Tri District Sport Centre, and occasionally tourists and guests. The hotel offers from single rooms to quadruple rooms with reasonable price. All rooms are clean and en-suite. It is possible to negotiate to pay a little extra if you wish to stay more than four in a big room. Breakfast is available for a price, but let us know if you wish to be served at the hotel.

Price range (12pm to 12pm)
(1 USD = 22,500 VND)

Single room (1 person): VND 350,000

Double room (2 persons – 2 single beds): VND 400,000

Small quadruple room (4 persons – 2 double beds): VND 600,000 (for any extra person pay VND 100,000 each)

Big sextuple room (6 persons – 3 double beds): VND 700,000 (for any extra person pay VND 100,000 each)

Hotel Diamond

Hotel Diamond is located around 1km from the Sport Centre. It is commonly for hourly rental and is of a smaller size to Orchids Hotel, however it is not a bad choice for staying overnight. Rooms are pretty clean as they do daily check up, and all are en-suite. Price is cheaper than Orchids Hotel, and if you don’t mind some warm-up jogging in the morning to pitch this is a suitable choice. Just don’t question couples who may come up from nowhere, take a room and disappear after an hour. The red thing in the room might be for that purpose.

The price would be VND 320,000 for 2 persons per night (from 12pm to 12pm next day).

Other Options

In the area there are several other small hotels, similar to Hotel Diamond for a similar price range. One is about 200m to the pitch and another is on the main road, close to the turn to Alley 673, approx. 400m to the pitch. Details are provided in the Accommodation Form mentioned above.