Calling for Volunteers

A fundamental part to the success of the tour is volunteering, and the AQC 2017 could not run without volunteers. Every volunteer is highly appreciated regardless of non-qualified or qualified positions.

Positions open for volunteering include

  1. referees (head referees, assistant referees, snitch referees and other non-qualified positions);
  2. snitch runners (both experienced and inexperienced runners);
  3. first-aiders;
  4. photographers/cameramen; and
  5. event runners.

In order to apply for any of these positions, please fill in this form. Please make sure that you have looked around this website for basic information of AQC 2017, and you can always ask further questions by reaching us via [email protected].

Interest in helping us is always appreciated and welcome. We await your responses and will try to get back to you as soon as possible.