What to Bring to AQC’17

Players must present their IDs to be eligible to play, which can be passports (yes for custom clearance as well), driving licenses, residence permits, or any identification with photos. Besides, this following recommendation list is not compulsory but worth a read.

Clothing – Player headbands

– Player kit

– Boots for playing in (with studs for natural grass – FG/AG studs)

– Trainers to change into

– (optional) Mouthguard

– (optional) Goggles if you play with glasses

– (optional) Sports braces, guards or supports

– (optional) Extra pairs of socks

– (optional) Hair ties



– A distinctive/different jersey (ideally black and white striped) if reffing or a gold/yellow snitch if snitching.

– A copy of the Rulebook

– (optional) Snitch shorts, tail and shirt

– (optional) Whistle

– (optional) Red, yellow and blue cards

– (optional) A coin for calling sides

Overnight stuff – Chargers for electronic equipment

– Change of clothes

– (optional) Sleeping bag if needed

– (optional) Toiletries

Food & Drink – Water bottle (filled)

– Energy food to recover fast – cereal bars, fruit and sweets

– (optional) Lunch if you don’t intend to leave the pitch

Miscellaneous – Money – bring cash for merchandise and food

– Sunscreen/cream (it’s tropical summer)

– (optional) Umbrella

– (optional) Waterproof clothing

– (optional) Binliners to protect items from rain

– (optional) Hand sanitiser

– (optional) Medical supplies including painkillers and plasters

– (optional) Camera

– Copy of the main schedule and referee schedule

– Copy of player guide and accommodation information

– Team balls to practice with