AQC2017 Media Kit

On this Page you can find information and download all the media elements that the Tour Director Committee has prepared for interested parties. For any other inquiry, please reach Minnie via [email protected].

The Logo

The logo for the 2017 Asian Quidditch Cup was designed by ShinDz, a very talented team member of Draco Dormiens.

The bird was inspired by an ancient bird engraved on multi-thousand-year-old bronze drums found in the North of Vietnam; the tail resembles a very traditional costume for ladies while the wing tips recall the image of traditional festive flags, also in the North Vietnam.

The font used for the Logo as well as other media materials (where applicable) is UTM Hanzel.

Both versions, full-colour and monochrome, of the Logo can be downloaded here.

Profile Picture Frames

So far there have been 5 teams registered to participate in AQC2017, including ANU Owls (Australia), Damansara Dementors (Malaysia), Draco Dormiens (Viet Nam), Flame Owls (Viet Nam), and Seoul Puffskeins (South Korea).

We have created the profile picture frames for players and supporters of these teams accordingly. To download the png files of these frames for your own interest, please go to this folder.

We would also recommend the teams to use ActionSprout (or another similar platform) to auto-generate profile pictures with these frames. For example, this is the link to Draco Dormiens’ campaign, and here the link for profile pictures of AQC2017 goers on VQA.

Facebook Covers/Banners

Similarly, we have also designed a full set of Facebook covers for players and supporters of the 5 teams, or just an AQC supporter/goer in general. Don’t worry, they are both desktop-friendly and mobile-friendly. You can also use them as the banners on other sites if the sizes kinda match.

All of these banners can be downloaded from this folder. Previews of them are just below.